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Reversing Decline: Transforming America


In a few decades Christianity in North America will be all but dead unless we can make the following radical paradigm shifts leading to the rapid multiplication of leaders, disciples, and groups/churches.


1. The first paradigm shift we need to make is from prayers focused on me/us to prayers focused on the Kingdom and the lost including praying for laborers for the harvest.

2. A second paradigm shift we need to make is from a focus on knowledge to a focus on behavior. 

3. A third paradigm shift we need to make is from focusing primarily on Jesus as Savior (which He is) to the New Testament focus on Jesus as Lord. In the New Testament Jesus is called Lord about twenty times to every time He is called Savior! Can He be a person’s savior if He is not their Lord?

4. A forth paradigm shift is away from an emphasis on large group gatherings to an emphasis on small group gatherings. The large group has to be seen as an optional bonus, not the main thing.

5. A fifth paradigm shift is from primarily classroom training to primarily apprentice training. 

6. Another major paradigm shift we need to make is for leaders at all levels to see reproducing themselves as one of their primary responsibilities.

7. The biggest church planting paradigm shift is moving away from trying to plant elephant churches and starting to focus on planting rabbit churches that rapidly reproduce.

8. A second Church planting paradigm shift will be away from organizations and large churches being the main ones planting churches to all churches, even small churches, recognizing that they need to regularly reproduce themselves by regularly planting new churches. (Not a partner but the mother.)

9. The third church planting paradigm shift concerns who plants the churches. Many of the church planters will have very little if any formal training. They will receive most if not all of their training in their local church. 

10. Another important paradigm shift is from focusing on our local church to focusing on the Kingdom.

11. Finally, perhaps more than anything, we need to shift from thinking we need to control to allowing and expecting God to control.