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In 2014 I was working on the article, “Reversing Decline: Transforming America.” At a retreat for church planting leaders, Gary Johnson, Pastor of The Creek was the primary resource person. Gary has worked with several churches on vision and mission. I was not thinking about developing a vision or mission statement. As Gary was talking about vision and mission the vision and mission came to me. I believe it came from God.

I thought It was a good vision and we needed to find the right leader. I also thought, “I’m not the right leader.” Late on the afternoon of December 12, God said, You are the right leader.” I believe He was saying He wants me to have a major servant leadership role in reversing the decline and bring about rapid increase in the number of mature disciples in America.

The highlighted area below, which was part of something I wrote a few years ago, serves as an introduction to my vision idea which I think could radically transform America.

In Movements that Change the World Steve Addison quotes John Wesley’s mission “to reform the nation, by spreading scriptural holiness over the land.” Addison goes on to say Wesley’s goal “was to establish a movement of people who were learning to obey Christ and to walk as he did.” To me that is a compelling idea that is worthy of our utmost effort. While it is a compelling idea it will remain nothing more than that unless there are some major changes in both our thinking about how is the best way to do things and in the way we actually do things.

If we are “to reform the nation, by spreading scriptural holiness over the land” we will need to rapidly multiply disciples (not converts but Jesus followers). To do that we will also need to rapidly multiply leaders, groups and churches. Many of these new leaders, including preachers, will receive all or most of their training in their home church supplemented with coaching/mentoring and on the job training. This is a lot like what Wesley did.